Girlfriends Who Dine & Wine Tote

Girlfriends Who Dine & Wine Tote


The Girlfriends Who Dine & Wine bag is the ultimate solution for the woman who is a wine connoisseur on the go or at the grocery store.

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Our exclusive Girlfriends Who Dine & Wine tote is the ultimate solution for us ladies who are wine connoisseurs at the grocery store. Equipped with four interior sleeves located at the corners of the tote, our Dine & Wine tote securely holds wine bottles in place to prevent noisily bumping one another while keeping them upright and protecting fresh or delicate grocery items. 

The reinforced 22" handles also make it easy to carry with no risk of tearing, doing the work of 4-5 plastic bags in one organized carry-all. 

The inner sleeves are ideal not only for wine, but also spirits, cooking oils, liter-sized water bottles, beauty products, and more. One of the inner sleeves has two pockets built in, perfect for holding coupons, receipts, pens, and other small items.