Wine Tasting + Movie Night!


Hey Girl!

Let's face it, there are those times were you need a break with your girlfriends for some girl talk, drinks, and relaxation.  As a busy mom, wife, or professional, you know how important this is for our well being and mental health.  Heck, we absolutely need and crave a break from our busy daily schedules.   Truth be told, it lends the capacity to be the kick-ass woman YOU are!  

Girlfriends Who Dine providing a platform for you to get away from it all.  We curated a evening of wine tasting that was delicious, fun, and informative!   Our girlfriends learned basic guidelines to wine and food pairings, while indulging in some fabulous wines, food, and desserts before heading to see the movie "Girls Trip".  The movie was HILARIOUS!  The movie "Girls Trip" starred Jada Pinkett-Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, and comedian Tiffany Haddish. "Girls Trip" did not disappoint, and gave us a night of non-stop laughter as we saw a story of friendships and sisterhood connect and support each other while having a great time.  The movie was a perfect ending to our girl's night.

Girls just wanna have fun, right?!  

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