Texas Hill Wine Tour


Hey Girlfriend!

Our road trip to the Texas Hill Country was nothing short of amazing.  Packed with stunning landscapes and small town charm, it was the perfect place for our wine tasting tour!  We had a private tour and tasting on a beautiful vineyard estate.  Our guide gave us a tour of the production facilities, barrel tasting, and shared insights on wine making.  After our private tour, we were escorted to a beautiful wine tasting room to sample more wines!  

By lunch time, we worked up quite an appetite, and headed in town to a local country favorite.  On the menu was some of the best fried catfish ever!  The service and food were great, and we can't wait to visit again.

Next ...Who doesn't love shopping with your girlfriends?!  Happy with a full belly, we headed to do a little shopping in town before our last wine tasting destination.  The shopping was filled with charming boutiques that offered art, home decor, antiques, gifts, and much more...and the ladies definitely enjoyed shopping!

Last but not least, our final destination was the cutest family owned winery.  It was truly adorable!  This winery has a very intimate setting outdoors which sits next to a small cottage. It was the perfect ending for wine and local food pairings with our girlfriends!  

If you would love to join us, be sure to sign up for our next event! 

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